Happy Family Photos

Thursday, September 3, 2015

Our last family photo was taken on Mother's Day - our first Mother's Day. We sat on our couch and each propped a baby on our lap and smiled for a camera with a timer on it. I look at that picture now and wonder why I didn't see the sadness or unhappiness in Ex-L's eyes. Why I thought we didn't have problems that could be solved. Why she had started having an emotional affair on me at that point - and how I was so unaware of what was going on.

Our next family photos are a professional session I have scheduled in October. It'll be mainly just for updated pictures of the girls - but of course I'm going to get some shots of just me and them. It'll be photos from our little lady family. But even if they do not have two parents together in their family photos, I still want them to have memories to look back on. I'm afraid that through the divorce and through re-discovering myself we (or I) will forget to document their little lives that are rapidly blooming. I don't want them to wonder what happened to them during this time in our lives and ask "Why are there no memories or photos of us?" when thinking back to the year that mommy and mama split.

So, part of me is looking forward to updating our family photos for when we move into my new place. It'll be a home that is adorned with photos of me and the two most important ladies in my life. And it will be filled with memories (happy memories) of our lives together. They deserve that.

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